Friday, 26 August 2011

Social networking extensions for SAS-Space

Thanks to our good friends at ULCC, we have now added the SNEEP suite of social networking extensions to SAS-Space, which can be found at the foot of each item’s page. See it in action here.

Users can now do three new things:

Comments. Once users have created a user account for themselves (easily done), they can then make comments on items in the repository. These are publicly visible, along with the comments of others, and shown as in a forum thread.

Tag. Alongside formal Keywords (from authors and SAS-Space staff), users can add tags of particular relevance for them, and view those of others.

All of these tags together form a ‘folksonomy’, a user-generated way of describing the content, and which can be used as another way of browsing for similar material. A click on a tag reveals a list of other items with the same tag.

Notes. Alongside the public Comments and Tags, users can make notes for their own use, which are private to them.

This is an important part of the Open Journals project, as the next step is to see how we might go about integrating this socially generated material in SAS-Space with the journal interface in OJS.

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